Graduates’ Achievements

This page is under perpetual construction, as Taos Toolbox veterans continue to write, publish, and sell.  This is only a partial list of our writers’ achievements, since we don’t learn about everything, only what they choose to share or what we can discover about them.

This list will only grow longer.

AMY SUNDBERG’S YA novel STARS SHINE DARKLY has been released.

SANTIAGO MARQUEZ has sold a flash fiction that he actually wrote in class at Toobox!  Not only that, it won second prize in a contest.

JOEY YU is now represented by Joshua Bilmes of JABberwocky Literary

DAVID D. LEVINE’S novel THE KUIPER BELT JOB will be published in November 2023.

MV MELCER’S novel REFRACTIONS will be published in November 2023.

THEA BOODHOO has sold stories to Typebouse and Little Blue Marble, and placed a poem in Dreams and Nightmares 125.

SANTIAGO MARQUEZ RAMOS sold a story to Chestnut Review.

AMY SUNDBERG’S novel TO TRAVEL THE STARS was published in July 2023.

BRIAN HINSON has published short fiction in ParSec, Penumbric, Andromeda Spaceways and other venues.

DOROTHY WINDSOR’S novel GLASS GIRL was published in May 2023.

SARAH A. MUELLER’S novel BONE ORCHARD, workshopped at Toolbox, has been nominated for a British Fantasy Award.

CARSTEN SCHMIDT’S story  “Wagners Stimme,” has been selected as the German entry for the European Science Fiction Awards 2022 for “Best Written Work”.

SARAH A MUELLER’S novel BONE ORCHARD, workshopped at Toolbox, will appear in March 2022 from Tor Books.

CHRISTOPHER M. CEVASCO’S novel BEHELD: GODIVA’S STORY will appear in April 2022 from Lethe Press.

STEPHANIE VANCE’S novel ACROSS THE AISLE will appear in April 2022 from Entangled Publishing.

CAT RAMBO’s new novel YOU SEXY THING, described as “Farscape meets the Great British Bake Off,” is available from Tor Books.

P.L.SULLIVAN’S novel BOUND was described in KIRKUS REVIEWS as “A brilliant tale offering a universe and protagonist that are impressively well realized.”

 ZHOU WEN’s story “The Silent Syllables” was nominated for a Japanese Nebula for best overseas short story.  The title story of her first Chinese collection, BARRIER, was workshopped in Taos.

SHEILA HARTNEY has edited the anthology EXCHANGE STUDENTS, from Hadrosaur Publications.

BRANDON MCNULTY’S novel BAD PARTS is available from Midnight Point Press.

JESSICA MAY LIN has won the 2017 Society of Publishers in Asia Award.

DAVID D. LEVINE’s novel Arabella of Mars has won the Andre Norton Awar for YA literature.

STEPHEN LOFTUS-MERCER has sold “Kindle No Flame,” written and workshopped at Toolbox, to Analog.

LARRY HODGES has had four novels and over 120 stories published since his time at Taos Toolbox.

CATHERINE SCHAFF-STUMP’S novel THE VESSEL OF RA will be published by CQ in September, 2017.

BARBARA FERRER’S story “Formerly Known as Dorian” (workshopped at Toolbox) appears in the 2016 Bouchercon anthology.

CATHERINE SCHAFF-STUMP’S first KLAEREON novel, the series workshopped at Taos Toolbox 2012, sold to Curiosity Quills Press and acquired her representation with Mary C. Moore of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

LAWRENCE M. SCHOEN’S novel BARSK received the Cóyotl Award for Best Novel of 2015.

DAVID LEVINE’S novel ARABELLA OF MARS has been released by Tor.

CHRIS KELWORTH’S story “Love is a Masterpiece” appears in the Gallery of Curiosities podcast special for Valentine’s Day 2016.

EDWARD ROSICK’S “Letter to Michael” was published in Creepy Campfire Quarterly #1, January 2016

SARAH A. MUELLER’S Toolbox-worshipped novel got her an acceptance by DongWon Song of the Howard Morhaim Agency.

JOSH ROSEMAN’s story “My Pillow” appears in the anthology ABSTRACT JA, 3.

EDWARD ROSICK’S “Behind the Eight Ball” WAS in Alternative Hilarities #5, Oct. 2015

CATHERINE SCHAFF-STUMP sold “Mountains of Green” to The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, published in August, 2015.

ALAN SMALE’S novel EAGLE IN EXILE, sequel to CLASH OF EAGLES (workshopped at Toolbox), was published by Tor in March of 2016.

CORIE WEAVER’S anthology 2016 YOUNG EXPLORER’S GUIDE is available from Dreaming Robot Press.

EFFIE SIEBERG’s story THUNDERGOD IN THERAPY is online at Galaxy’s Edge Magazine.

CHRISTIE YANT’S anthology “Women Destroy Science Fiction” won the British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology, 2015.

SANDRA ODELL’S story “Godfall” is available in GigaNotoSaurus.

LARRY HODGES’ novel CAMPAIGN 2100: GAME OF SCORPIONS was published by Weaver Press in March 2016,

SHAWN FRAZIER’S story “How Emma Jean Crossed the River” has been published in FLAPPERHOUSE #8.


TRINA MARIE PHILLIPS’ story “Dolly vs. the Autonomous Car” is available at

BRIAN LOWE’S novel THE INVISIBLE CITY is available for Kindle.

GERALD WARFIELD’S “Looking for Nanna” is available at Everyday Fiction.

ROSEMARY CLAIRE SMITH’S novella “Diamond Jim and the Dinosaurs” appeared in Analog for April 2016.

FRAN WILDE’S novel UPDRAFT (workshopped at Toolbox) won the Andre Norton Award for Best Novel.

LAWRENCE SCHOEN’S novel BARSK has been nominated for a 2016 Hugo Award.

MARK CHILD’S “Composing Speculative Cities” appeared in Analog for April 2016.

LARRY HODGES’ story “Pretty Pictures at War” is up at Galaxy’s Edge.

JESSICA MAY LIN’S “Red Mask” is the March cover story at Shimmer.

FRAN WILDE’S novel UPDRAFT (workshopped at Toolbox) has won the Compton Crook Award for Best Novel.

SUNIL PATEL’S “The Origin of Terror” (workshopped at Toolbox) has appeared in the anthology UPSIDE DOWN.

CURTIS SCOTT’S novel SHRIVERS (workshopped at Toolbox) is now in print.

NEBULA AWARD NOMINATIONS have gone to Kelly Robson’s “Waters of Versailles,” LAWRENCE SCHOEN’S novel BARSK, DAVID D. LEVINE’S story “Damage,” and FRAN WILDE’S novel UPDRAFT (workshopped at Toolbox).

SCOTT HAWKINS’ novel The Library at Mount Char (workshopped at Toolbox) is Goodreads’ Best Debut Readers’ Choice and has been named a Best Book of 2015 by Kirkus Reviews.

LARRY HODGES’ novel SORCERERS IN SPACE appeared in November 2015.

LAWRENCE SCHOEN’S story “Calendrical Regression” received a Nebula nomination.

2015 saw short fiction from Shawn Frazier, Kelly Robson, Gerald Warfield, Anna Yeatts, Brian Lowe, Traci Castleberry, Will McIntosh, Effie Seiberg, Jim Meeks-Johnson, Debbie Goelz, Josh Roseman, Fran Wilde, Sean Craven, and probably a lot more (because they don’t tell me everything).

ALAN SMALE’S debut novel CLASH OF EAGLES (workshopped at Toolbox) has been published by Del Rey.  It’s the first book of a trilogy.

SCOTT HAWKINS’s novel THE LIBRARY AT MOUNT CHAR (workshopped at Toolbox) has been published by Crown.

BRIAN LOWE’S story “Rights and Wrongs,” originally published in the INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW, has been reprinted in STARSHIPSOFA.

SHAWN FRAZIER has a story at SQ MAG.

Jim Meeks-Johnson’s “By the Numbers” is available at AURORA WOLF.

Graduate Fran Wilde has a story, “Like a Wasp to the Tongue,” in the April/May ASIMOV’S.

GAIL STRICKLAND’S novel NIGHT OF PAN (workshopped at Toolbox) is in print for Curiosity Quills Press.   It’s the first of a trilogy.

BRIAN LOWE’s “Rights and Wrongs” is live at the Intergalactic Medicine Show.

LAWRENCE SCHOEN has been nominated for a 2014 Nebula for his novella “Trial of the Century.”

TRACI CASTLEBERRY’s story has been published in DAUGHTERS OF FRANKENSTEIN by Lethe Press.

WILL MCINTOSH’S novel LOVE MINUS EIGHTY, released in 2013 by Orbit Books, was named best SF book of the year by the American Library Association

KELLY ROBSON’S story “Two-Year Man” is in the August 2015 ASIMOV’S.

Toolboxers EFFIE SEIBERG and KELLY ROBSON are both included in the July 2015 edition of A.C. Wise’s “Women to Read” in SF Signal.

EDWARD ROSICK has the lead story in the SHIVERS anthology.

KELLY ROBSON’s story “The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill”, published in CLARKESWORLD, has been optioned by a Hollywood screenwriter.

DEBBIE GOELZ’s story “Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them” won an H.Q. Love Watty award and has over 2.3 million reads on Wattpad.

DOROTHY WINDSOR’S novel FINDERS KEEPERS has been published by Zharmae Press.

 BRIAN LOWE’S novel THE CHOKING RAIN has been published .


SEAN ERET-MUSE’s story “Voices of {}” is live on PERIHELION.

JOSH ROSEMAN’S Toolbox application story, “Return to Waypoints,” is the cover story of the December 2014 issue of BLACK DENIM LIT.

Graduate SANDRA ODELL sold her story “The Hydra Wife” to JAMAIS VU, and has finished the novel she workshopped at Taos.

LAWRENCE SCHOEN’S story “Coca Xocalati” received a Nebula nomination for 2013.

LAWRENCE SCHOEN’S story “Barry’s Tale” received a Nebula nomination for 2013.

CHRIS EAST’S “An Inflexible Truth” will appear in Lightspeed.

LAWRENCE SCHOEN’S story “The Moment” won a Hugo Award for 2012.

WILL MCINTOSH’S novel SOFT APOCALYPSE was nominated for a Locus Award and a John W. Campbell Award.

JOSH ROSEMAN’S flash story “The Cleanup” is in DUNESTEEF.

FRAN WILDE’S “How to Walk Through Historic Graveyards in the Digital Age” will appear in ASIMOV’S in March/April 2015.

WILL MCINTOSH’S story “Bridesickle” won a Hugo Award.

SALADIN AHMED’s story “Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela” was nominated for a Nebula Award.

SALADIN AHMED’S novel THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON (workshopped at Toolbox) has won a Locus Award for Best Novel.

BRIAN LOWE’S story “Day of Reckoning” is out in PLASMA FREQUENCY.

DEBBIE GOELZ’s story “The Lady in the Tower” is live at WATTPAD.

CHRIS EAST’S “Videoville” will appear in ASIMOV’S.

ROSEMARY CLAIRE SMITH’S story “Biolog” (workshopped at Toolbox) appeared in the December 2014 ANALOG.

WILL MCINTOSH’S story “Bridesickle” was nominated for a Nebula Award.

SEAN CRAVEN’S ‘The Big Click” was published in THE BIG CLICK.

GERALD WARFIELD’S story “Bartholemew’s Passage” appeared in EVERY DAY FICTION.

SALADIN AHMED’S novel THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON (workshopped at Toolbox) was nominated for a Hugo and Nebula award.