Students will spend most of their time reading, writing, and offering critiques through the highly successful Milford workshop model used at Clarion, Odyssey, and other workshops.

There will also be individual one-on-one sessions between students and instructors.

In addition, the instructors will present material designed to sharpen students’ writing skills.   Students will listen to lectures and participate in exercises as well as writing new fiction.  Material will include:

  •             the art of worldbuilding
  •             plotting a novel
  •             pacing a novel
  •             crafting a character
  •             preparing a package to sell your work, including crafting an outline
  •             how magic works (in fiction)
  •             the art of rewriting
  •             how to read a literary contract
  •             what to do when Hollywood calls

Not all these subjects will require the student to do exercises.